How to get to Vienna

We recommend: By train! 🙂

Vienna is very well connected within the european railway network. And if you need to travel a long distance to Vienna, we recommend a night train! There is no need to take a plane. The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) have established one of the largest night train networks in Europe, the trains are called Nightjet(c). And there are even more night trains coming to Austria from other railway companies, called EuroNight(c). If you take a couchette coach or a sleeper cabin you can spend the night in a bed and you arrive relaxed and recuperated directly in the city of Vienna in the morning. No need to travel in the city from an airport and as you typically arrive in the morning you can fully take advantage of your first day in Vienna. 🙂

Have a look at the night train network:

(C) ÖBB; Source:

There is no direct night train connection in your home country or town? Don't worry and have a look, if you can travel to one of the connections on the map above. (For example, if you travel from the United Kingdom, you can take the Eurostar(c) train to Brussels or Paris and then switch to the Nightjet(c) to Vienna.)

Please be aware of three important facts about planning your night train journey:

1.) There is a very high demand for night train tickets! Make sure to book as early as possible to get a ticket in the category of your choice at a cheap price. Nightjet(c) tickets are usually sold 180 days before travelling, but as there is the annual european railway timetable change in mid-December, ticket sale might start in December.

2.) Make sure to plan enough time for changing trains and your arrival in Vienna, as delays can always happen.

3.) Please be careful with your belongings while travelling and always lock your sleeping cabin. As you are probably aware, thieves and pickpockets are unfortuneatly a problem in trains and railway stations.


All information about night trains to Vienna can be found here:

All train and public transport connections to and in Austria (including private companies, etc.) can be found here:

Tickets for the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) including night train tickets can be bought here:

By Bus

There are several bus terminals in Vienna for international bus lines. The biggest bus company is Flixbus, another company offering international bus lines is Eurolines. A platform for comparing international public transport fares is Omio.

By Plane

You can travel to Vienna International Airport. If you cannot find a good flight to Vienna International Airport, you can also fly to Bratislava Airport, which is not far from Vienna. If you are doing a preconference exchange outside of Vienna before the EYFDM Forum, other Austrian airports might be interesting for you. There is an airport in Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt and Innsbruck.

The cheapest way to get from Vienna International Airport in the city is the normal train. Tickets can be bought here: Be careful: The CAT (City Airport Train) is a special train and more expensive! There are as well busses (Vienna Airport Lines) to the city center, which are also more expensive than the normal train connections.


More information

More information about travelling to Vienna can be found at the official Vienna tourism website (including boat travel on the Danube):

We would like to minimize the greenhouse emissions related to the EYFDM Forum, therefor we recommend to travel by train.
- The Austrian Host Organising Committee

Note: We do not have any affliation with or receive any benefit from the companies listed above. We try to provide a list of common possibilities to travel to Vienna, but it is not an exhaustive list, there are of course also other providers, that are not mentioned on this page.