Tour "Cocaine and Inbreeding"

Discover the fascinating secrets of the Habsburgs on our extraordinary tour, "Cocaine & Inbreeding." Join us as we delve into the depths of history, exploring the diseases that plagued this iconic dynasty. Uncover the stories of renowned doctors and their medicinal remedies while gaining insights into the hygiene practices and culinary traditions that shaped the 650-year history of the Habsburgs.

But that's not all! As part of this immersive experience, we'll also take you on a captivating stroll through the magnificent exterior grounds of the Hofburg. Marvel at the grandeur of this majestic palace, surrounded by lush gardens and picturesque landscapes. Immerse yourself in the splendor of Austria's imperial past as you explore the Hofburg's opulent architecture, elegant courtyards, and historical landmarks.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the Habsburgs while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Hofburg.

Guided tour starting at 12th April 2024 at 08:45 am (change of time!)

Meeting Point: Maria-Theresia-Platz, at the statue in the middle of the place

Total cost 15€ per person